That was the weekend that was…


A stupid saying but I don’t care….

The Weekend at the Mother In  law’s

Got there on satdee, and ate and ate and ate and ate. Lovely delights, such as home-made sausage rolls and samosas, banana lollies, freddo frogs, pappodums, twisties, cheezels, mulled wine, normal wine, coke (full sugar), cheesecake (cherry ripe yummmm), chocolate cake and curry. Sadly, with the rain having set in over greater Bendigo, there was no bonfire. My MIL knows how to put on a great do and everybody young, old, autistic and canine, had a lovely time. The dog was extremely well behaved (apart from a tiddle inside and a lick to a 3 year old’s face) and fawned over.

This morning, we went to the Archibald Prize exhibition. It was great. There were some really good shots. I particularly liked the one of David Helfgott.


Getting Clucky and Nesting

I want a bigger house to fill with kids. I have been surfing real estate websites. My cluckiness comes in ever-increasing waves. But I would like to finish with my training first. And get off the anti-depressants and not re-lapse (the headshrinker thinks this christmas, I might be a goer). Not good to be on medication while pregnant. Hubby wants to have a bubba but not until I am ready (think if it were his choice we would have one already). At 30, I have a few good years left but I don’t want to leave it too late.

I have gone of the pill, having been on it for most of my adult life, to see what I am like off it. My hair and skin have gotten a bit oilier, and maybe my appetite has decreased, but we shall see. It will definitely help with my mood, as the pill can contribute to depression, I am told in good authority.


Places I would like to go before I get up the Duff:

Now, I know that having kids will not necessarily spell an end to travels, just a change to the type of travels. I am lucky that I have the excuse of going overseas to medical conferences.

The places I would like to go before I have kids are:

  • South America
  • Morocco
  • The safer parts of the mid-east (just saw a nice travel article on Damascus)
  • Japan
  • and we are going to Spain already.

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  1. I have strange romantic notions about the Middle East, just a shame it’s so freaking dangerous 😦

    I think the cluck gene bypassed me, I love the little kidlets in my life but am paralysed in horror at the thought of having my own!

  2. Wow, that was lots of food!

    So much travel to do ! But good idea to do it before children, holidays and travel get 100 times harder afterwards.

    I plan to be there on 26th for the 5km, but am going to register on the day I think.

  3. Sounds like such a great weekend. Bella loves small children- perfect height for a full face lick and they usually have food that can be stolen easily! Get that backpack out and get those holidays ticked off so you can have your tribe soon!

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