Yay and Boo.


Yay for:

  • For me. I found out my research paper was accepted as an oral presentation at the national gerries conference in Sept.
  • For the dog. Just because.
  • For the group certificates coming
  • For it being the weekend (going to the mother in Law’s in the sticks for curry and a bonfire – could get messy if I fart too much)
  • For the lovely pinot noir I just bought.
  • the weather

Boo for:

  • The hairdresser. I spent the much better part of 200 bux on a haircut and semi, to have one side a little (about 8mm) longer than the other. And having a blow wave after that was less blow wave than assault and battery (the apprentice did it and was rough). I think the apprentices should do the hairdressers hair before being subjected to the general public. I will not be going back. This is not the first time I have had an asymmetrical cut or a dodgy colour. humph. (By the way, the hairdressing salon is called Rhubarb and it is in Lygon St Brunswick. One word. Don’t)
  • A surgeon who shall remain nameless
  • A care co-ordinator who I work with
  • The yucky metallic taste in my mouth
  • The bad (but free) pizza I had at lunch. For good pizza check out 400 gradi on Lygon St in Brunswick. Yummm. But book.

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  1. I soooo hope you were joking about saying yah for the weather! I think an apprecentice once burnt my hair during the blow wave assault- seriously it felt like sticks when he was finished. Go back, make them fix it and let them know about the assault- otherwise they will NEVER learn!

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