Pee Emm Essing.


I have had bitchy things on the tip of my tongue all week (thank God for my frontal lobe) and have wanted to consume my weight in nutella and cadbury fruit ‘n nut (thankyou again, frontal lobe). My tummy has been bloated resembling a 20 week pregnancy. I have been dropping the f-bomb more than strictly necessary.

It can only be one thing. Men. You don’t understand.

It will pass soon.

This week has been generally better though. Despite mega cravings I have been quite good with my eating, consuming my home-made soups and generally being a good girl.

Went for some personal training on mondee morning, I like the PT, she is nice and her bod is a good advertisement for it. Though I don’t feel like I have worked horribly hard, I have a good honest DOMS afterward. My eeeny weeny girly muscles are growing, and I can do more eeny weeny girly pushups before I collapse.

Had a very humbling moment at work today. I find, as a doctor, just when I am starting to think “I am good at this”, somebody else picks up something I have missed and I think “dang – won’t make that mistake again soon”. It prevents us (or should prevent us) getting too cocky.

I have a really nasty metallic taste in my mouth today – like I have been sucking on a 5 cent piece. Yurrgh.

Have a monster weekend coming up – Saturday – yum cha and silly chickflick with my old school friends (the Proposal – not my idea but will probably derive guilty enjoyment from it). Then Sunday the big race. I have forewarned everybody at work that I will be wearing my medal on Monday (and possibly tuesday and wednesday).

Must go.

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  1. you have willpower of steel, young miss sassy. last week when i was pee emm ess-ing i ate chocolate every day for a week AND got into car park rage at the supermarket. yeouch.

    hey, when i write replies on my blog to your comments, do you get them emailed? or do you have to go back and check the page for a reply?

    anyhow, what i was going to say is, yeah to kath! much props to anyone who wants to run 21.1km of their own free will! the more the merrier!

    i’m watching rocky 1 on saturday night so i’m extra pumped for sunday 😀

  2. Not sure if I’ll see you tomorrow or not. I’m running the 5km which starts at 10am, so I should be finishing about 10:30am. You will have been finished for a while by then I guess.

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