Wonky week


Well this week has been quite busy, as I have not had an offsider at work. Consequently I have had to stay back later and miss out on exercise. Quite a bit of comfort eating was done in reaction to the stress.

I don’t mind being busy or doing two people’s jobs at work – just as long as I am not harassed. I got an email from one of the bosses telling me to check the referrals box several times a day (as opposed to twice), and fax through completed referrals as soon as they are ready.

1. I don’t have time to check the referrals box several times a day – it will stop me from actually doing the work!

2. I hate fax machines, they are often not operational and I just don’t trust them. I would prefer to just bring the referrals back to the office myself.

The other thing is, the more advanced in my training I become, the more fallible my bosses become. Yet I can’t all-out disagree with them, because they are the bosses and it is their prerogative to make the decisions (even if such decisions are just wrong). Oh well, I will become a boss one day and will learn to listen to my trainees.

Had a lovely dinner at otsumami on thursday night, followed by a choccy chaser. Mm-mm-mmmmmm.

Went and saw the movie “Sunshine cleaning” yesterday, at cinema nova, by myself. It was a good one to see by myself, and a good movie all around.

Yesterday morning, a very truncated run with Shells, which we walked on the way back and had a good yap. We passed on Kanteen, going to another South Yarra eatery instead for brekky.

Now – to meet with dog whisperer in half an hour. We just gave the dog a bath (she stank) and she did not like it one bit. Dogs are very attached to their stink, you know.

Then to make some soups which I will freeze.

Will try and think more happy thoughts this week, have been a bit down last week. Am doing the run melb half next sunday with shells, which I have to pump myself up for.

Also the plan for this week (and others) is to have at least 2 or 3 nights computer-free, for both hubby and self. I tried it once last week and dang, I got things done!!!

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