Have had a very anger-inducing day.

First on the way to work this morning nearly got ran off the road by a stupid lady turning right onto the road I was driving down.

Busy morning.

Difficult afternoon. Then dealing with obstructive doctors down in Traralgon. I yelled at one of them. I don’t normally do that but they pushed me.

The temptation is to go home and drink a couple of reds. That would not be productive. Exercise – much healthier. Or even just sitting down and patting the dog and reading a book. Would be good if I were not worried about losing the dog.

I was actually thinking that I would not mind getting swine flu, it actually doesn’t sound too bad and it would get me off work for 3 days (7 if I don’t get tamiflu).

How do I get my calm and serenity back? Have lost it the last few days……

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  1. no self-medicating with reds! (though, what do i know, i’m pretty much teetotal these days!).

    i had my angry pants on yesterday too. on my morning drive, a woman was honking at me to move forward yet i clearly had a BUS in front of me… i flipped her the bird. road rage, i know… but i was pushed!

    you’ve had a stressful week, little one. go read a book whilst having a long hot bath 🙂

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