I run better when I’m ANGRY.


Despite not sleeping particularly well last night, I got up early to do a long run with Shells. It went like a flash because I was consternating, fuming and despairing. All up we did just over 17kms with a nice strong finishing kick. 

The article- not exactly a beacon of journalistic integrity. A few untrue statements. Interesting to learn that there was not even a collar on the dog when she was lost! Hubby is wanting us to sit tight, saying that it will blow over. He continually gets threatened with legal action in his line of work so it really doesn’t scare him. I wonder whether it is worth all the hassle, but then the dog looks up at me with her big brown eyes and I really don’t want her to go! Also, there has been no offer of any compensation for the money we have paid in purchasing and keeping the dog, nor a satisfactory explanation as to why the lady took 3 months to come after the dog. It is also worrying that they could track the dog down on the pet registry (but not our details). 

The dog has been quite clingy today, perhaps sensing that all is not well.

Anyways – worst comes to worst – we lose the dog. Then we go to another (broadsheet) paper to let them know what went on. I still have my hubby, my health and fitness, my friends.

Am cooking dinner for a friend tonight. Nice veggie pasta.

Thankyou to Em and Andrew for their messages.

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  1. Good luck- if you do have to give the dog back, I know you will be sad, but you will still be amazing owners no matter which dog you have and you can still make a huge difference to a new puppy. (Having said that I know I would still rather wait until I was ORDERED to return the puppy).

  2. The issue of the money you have paid is a good one. I would be checking to see if you have a legal claim on the owner (and maybe the dog’s home) if you do get ordered to return the dog. Then when the order comes, your monetary claim could be a counter-claim. Make sure you claim every cent, you never know it could be enough to change the “owner’s” mind!

  3. OMG, I am amazed that the dogs home can even consider asking for the dog back.

    I hope everything works out for you.

    BTW, my jeans that I can now fit back into were just a pair of straight legged Jeans West jeans. I don’t even have a muffin top now when wearing them. Unfortunately the same cannot be said of my Diesel jeans, which are sitting patiently in my wardrobe, waiting, waiting, waiting 🙄

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