WTF # 3


OK so am comfortably numb after a few glasses of red. Feel a bit better.

A bit stressed out today. Dang I have a stressful job sometimes. Like it but stressful.

Got a very very upsetting call on my mobile at work today.

Something about our dog, from a proprietor of a major dog pound, a past owner and a said owner talking to a certain tabloid trashy bullshit newspaper.

“******(Past owner) have talked with ******(shitty tabloid)….would you like to make a comment” Then further talk about *****(past owner) “being desperate”; she threatened to “throw herself off the westgate bridge” and would “stop at nothing” to get the dog back.

What the fuck????

Where are the lawyers? We can handle them. Show us legal process, not sensationalism. If a judge hands a ruling down – we obey. This is rubbish.

Not something I want to be dealing with when dealing with sick people and their relatives. Hard to hold it together.

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  1. Yikes mate, I just found that article, though my computer nearly crashed at the indignity of being made to log on to shitty tabloids website 😉

    The headline is a classic, they must have had the work experience kid think it up.

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