I heart pinot.


Yup I cannot go past a pinot noir right now. Light, yummy, fruity and delish. NZ make the best.

Have eaten out the past two nights and I think they have actually been as healthy or more healthy than what I would’ve eaten at home. Last night we went to Otsumami on high st in Northcote, had the marinated tuna sashimi with sushi rice, on a whim, and usually I am not one to get excited about raw fish but it was soooooo fresh and wonderfully marinated. Tonight, went to Robbies Stein, a fish restaurant on Sydney Rd Brunswick, had the red emperor fillet with sage, parsley and garlic, on a bed of pea, goats fetta, beetroot and onion salad. They were freshly podded little globes of bright green goodness. It is this kind of food that makes you feel virtuous and not at all deprived. It is how we should eat. They do posh take-away fish and chips and do things like hand cut chips with the skin on, with garlic aioli (yummmm) and also a fennel, orange, rocket and walnut salad.

Had a good day today, went to outpatient clinic and saw and managed some patients with interesting and challenging problems. 

I have been asked to give a tute for the FRACP trainees – a great honour!

Dog has gotten a bit more conversational, she likes to bark and growl when we come in, not an angry type, but a “pay me attention” type. Had fun playing jumpsies with her (where I get her to jump up into my  arms).

The brother in law is staying with us, the tall thin brother in law that does marathons. He will eat a packet of chocolate biscuits in a sitting and just not get fat. I have told him that he is very welcome to stay as long as he needs to but have asked him to please not bring chocolate biscuits home so that I can see them – my resolve goes to hell when they are around. I usually manage to keep my butt from exploding by limiting the junk food that enters my home.

Tomorrow is the fridee of a long weekend. Hubby will be off in Sydney for a conference.

Things to do


Tidy up, esp clean out closet. I have too many shoes, many of which I no longer wear. Salvos will be in for a treat.

Work on research project (hahahahahaaaaaa)

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  1. I agree and disagree. Pinot is definitely brilliant, and I think it is my fave red at the moment too. But I humbly submit that Tasmanian Pinots are better than the NZ ones. I have yet to come across a bad Tassie Pinot. It is a pity that Pinots are so expensive though, there are never any cheap ones – but I guess you get what you pay for, don’t you!

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