Sweaty Betty.


Have just come back from Step class and am a bit sweaty. My arseritis has flared up again, so I am stretching it out.

I have spent the last coupla days worrying about the dog. Am conflicted. I feel sorry for the previous owner (??) I really do. But seriously, she took 3 months to ring the dogs home. Plus we really don’t want to give the puppy up, we love her, all the time and money we have spent on her, all the love we have given her and all the joy she has given us (apart from a poop and piddle on the floor once). In strictly legal terms, she is our dog, but I am prone to feeling guilty. My husband is not and he is not worried. I need to take a leaf out of his book. I am hoping we are not chased by lawyers or anything but the likelihood of that is low.

(very disjointed babble I am sorry!)

I think I have been a bit soft the last few days, seeing the real sadness in the situations referred to me. A lot of the time we use humour as a defence but it needs to even out. 

Did some teaching today, enjoyed it very much.

I echo Shell’s sentiments about eating and exercise but it is harder in practice.

I think the lack of glucose to the brain is affecting my ability to make a coherent blog.

Off to the PT on thurs for some whup-ass. My triceps are embarrassingly weak.

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  1. i know you feel sorry for the original owner, but it’s not fair on you either; you’ve cared and bonded with Candy for 3 months now! Once you’re 3 months into things, I don’t think you expect to be put in this situation. Surely if the owner loved this dog she would’ve come forward sooner than this. Stay strong! Don’t budge!

    Re: Run on Sat. Yep I’ll see you at 8.30-ish at Kanteen. 16-17km will be good, i’ll bring my macpac. Can’t do sunday cos I’m off to Haddon (near Ballarat) on sunday morn. Ps. don’t worry about the two runs back to back. legs held up good ;D

    ps. diet/exercise – argh, i know what i have to do, but someone light a fire under my toosh and MAKE me do it! (i did however, decline a pink iced donut last night from the excruciatingly slim hipped bf. *proud*!)

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