More news.


1. The dog.

Further to my polite and eloquent but scathing letter to the dogs home, I received lengthy correspondence back from the director along with a forwarded (and severely mispunctuated) letter from the alleged previous owner. The letter from the director was very, very unsympathetic towards us, essentially defending his, his employees and the owners actions, but what it lacked was a request to give up the animal, only asked us for a “fair outcome”. 

We called his bluff – a very short curt reply was given saying essentially “thanks but no thanks, we do not intend to hand back the animal and don’t try to correspond with us again”.

This is fucked up. They are pushing us. We are steadfast. It is upsetting, though. The sad truth is that they want to avoid legal action by applying pressure to those who adopt their animals. If that is what it comes to, we are prepared to fight back. I may have a chat with the ombudsman though, if he will listen.


2. Running.

Went for a run with shells yesterday, we covered about 14 km and chatted and stretched and drank and made toilet stops along the way. It was very pleasant.

3. Shopping (or: My name’s Sassy and I’m a shopaholic.)

I helped my  brother in law move in to his new makeshift flat in the city today and I could not resist heading out to the shops. I put on layby some leona edmiston dresses and some sass and bide jeans that make my butt look nice.

After getting all that off my chest I am still very upset.

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  1. Demand proof! Seriously, if they were the real owner they should have micro-chipped their dog if it meant ANYTHING to them.

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