(They tried-a make me go ta rehab) I SAY NO, NO, NO!!


Oblique references to the famous Amy Winehouse song. My job is assessing people (mostly elderly) to go for rehab or “GEM” (geriatric evaluation and management). I often say NO, NO, NO……..with good reason.

Monday – very pissed off indeed. Wanna know why? A lady from the lost dogs home rang me up and said that the old owner had come forward…..the owner who had not bothered to get the dog registered or microchipped under her name but could prove “beyond a shadow of a doubt” that the dog was hers…..I became very upset. Sought some advice from animal welfare who said that the owner of an animal is the one under whom the dog is registered. The lady was a bit unprofessional, hinting at legal action by the alleged previous owner.

I say, fuck off to her!!!!!

I said that we would not be handing back the dog (a vague contract says “hand the dog back to the previous owner if they come forward……sure, but surely a statute of limitations applies). I then wrote a very strongly worded and eloquent letter to the managing director of the Lost Dogs home and promptly got a reply back saying he would look into it.

We are not giving up our beautiful dog….they will have to fight us for it and it sounds like this stoopid lady has no legal claim to the dog anyway. Our baby is staying with us!

Tuesday morning I did a body attack class. One word, yeow! The instructor was on speed, I suspect. Nobody is naturally that energetic at 0615 hrs.

Today I think I got delayed tiredness and muscle soreness (and possibly coming down with hubby’s lurgy which I have had tested and is NOT swine flu) and went home early. A sleep did wonders. Went out for a lovely linguine (real pasta is such a treat) and an even lovelier pinot noir.

Tomorrow, I am going to work out with a personal trainer….my sis (the one that I am in and out with) has been working out with one and she looks fab and has lost 8kg off her 5’1” frame. Am a little jealous! Hopefully I am not really coming down with anything.

anyway I had better get going.

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  1. Thankyou so much for your commment on my blog. It brought a smile to my face 😀

    I’m in a much happier place today. My new eating plan is not very hard, it’s just basic food that needs a little bit of prep once or twice a week (cutting carrot sticks, making turkey burgers, chicken strips, boiling eggs etc).

    And I’m happy to report that I’ve lost 1.8kg since Monday morning 😀

    I also love doing Body Attack classes. I’ve read that you can burn 1000 calories per class if you do all the high impact moves. That’s gotta be good right 😆

  2. I hope you get to keep Candy- sounds like that woman is a BAD OWNER! I get so hungry reading your blog- even the previous post about peas had me staring out the window thinking of pea, ricotta and salmon pasta.

  3. Hmmm, that’s a tricky situation, I wish I could say something wise to make it all better but I can’t 😦

    I would expect that it would be quite confusing for poor Candy, I hope it works out for you.

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