A Miscellany.


People like to call their blogs about multiple things random, however the latter part of gen y have taken over this word and over-used it i.e. “that is soooo random” so it has lost some of its lustre. Miscellany sounds much better.

1. Mr. Sassy Ill.

He has been ill with flu symptoms for the last couple of days, he is a health care worker also. I have done a throat and nose swab on him and sent it off JUST IN CASE…..though I would love to be able to call him a swine. 😛


2. Perving on Chicks

Today I went to work to do a quick round, as I was driving along, I saw a tall, fit looking, muscly tanned chick who looked hot. I was also scoping out what other chicks were wearing: cool, fashion victim, too short, old school etc etc.

3. My body

Most of that 1.5kg has been peed off, think it was the “that time of the month” fluid. Yet dang, I wish my flabby bits (saddle bags, bingo wings, thighs) would go. Out damn spot, out I say!

4. Peas.

An ode to peas:

Peas, I love you peas!

Tasty little round spheres of green goodness.

Why, why oh why

are you so misunderstood?

5. Running

Going on a long run with Shells tomorrow. I am very scared.


My boss said to me yesterday “your mind works in straaange ways”….to which I replied…”and it only took you this long to figure that out?”

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  1. I LOVE peas, had them last night and squished them up with my mashed spuds, Mmmmmmm

    I gave my god son a T-shirt a few years ago that said “Give Peas a Chance”

  2. I love peas too. If we buy them fresh in the pods, the only problem is we don’t get many for tea cos I eat them all when I’m shelling them!

    Nothing wrong with perving on chicks, I do it all the time!

  3. see, sunday run was not so scary!

    my favourite pea salad recipe – stolen/adapted from bill granger: peas with caramelised spanish onion, pistachios and mint… dressing is dijon mustard + seeded mustard + balsamic vinegar + honey (all whisked up) then stir that through the pea mix and crumble fetta on top. YUM!

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