1.5kg has been added to my body weight out of nowhere. Maybe delayed weight from holiday and Sydney weekend? Though I thought with the dysentery I had that I wouldn’t have put on any weight.

So I am back to reality and back to training in earnest for the half mara. Back to eating well, very well actually. Back to exercising every day. Went for a run last night, didn’t wear out as soon as I thought I would but jeez louise I was sore today, only ran about 3km. Will need to x7 this….am I kidding myself? I have been doing lots of step classes and working up a good lather of sweat. Tonight I actually put the step up a level for a couple of tracks…..might try it for one more track next time. Only about 10cm higher but noticeable.

Going for a nice long run with Shells on sunday, hopefully it will be nice. Could get ugly and may very well result in me swearing and or crying. We will plan weekly long runs together and I will do lots of varied exercise in between. 

Have been diligently taking the stairs at work. When I have to take the lift (up 7 or 8 flights) I am always annoyed to see able bodied (and usually overweight) staff taking the lift instead of walking up 2 or 3 levels….would do them good. Does the phrase “incidental exercise” mean nothing?

And in reply to Em, errrrmmmm, no, I wasn’t planning on taking spanish or french lessons. Maybe whipping out a phrasebook or getting on the net to learn some stuff. When I went to the Netherlands in 2002 I realised only on the plane over there that I didn’t know a word of Dutch….6 weeks later I could cope out and about reading, speaking and understanding without a single formal lesson of it. Immersion is the key to languages! And I know Italian so could probably understand enough Spanish to get by. 

Been quite busy at work today, lots of referrals to see. Did manage to get away at about 4 ish so I could catch the train home in order to get to Step class….don’t mind public transport, can look at stuff instead of getting angry at the traffic. And if bus and train connect well, it can take only about 40 mins to get home.

Think I might go to bed now…..

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  1. hmmm blasted mysterious 1.5kgs! hopefully it goes as quickly as it came!

    you’ll be right for sunday! (we won’t torture ourselves, promise!)

    i just printed out the run melb half mara route – for one of our next runs we should do a practice lap of the run melb route, just so we can see where any sneaky hills etc might crop up!

  2. That’s OK, I was being a bit facetious, it seems de rigueur for those making the trip to Spain or Sth America to get all romantic and start taking Spanish lessons. Like Morsey I always find a big smile and lots of pointing gets me by just fine 🙂

    If it makes you feel any better, since Trailwalker and the resultant crap running since 2kg seems to have attached itself to my body, must have snuck up when I wasn’t looking! I don’t sweat it though because I know that once I am training consistently again it will disappear, as will your 1.5.

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