I am going to SPAIN!!!


I have booked my Contiki “Spanish Spree” trip, paid the deposit. It will be in January when I have more annual leave.

The plan: Go to langkawi for a week then leave the hubby to go home. I jump on a flight to singapore then off to London to see my mate, then off to spain and maybe a few days in the south of france. 


This weekend, geriatrics training.

Yesterday, went to body jam class. Was not glad I did. Lame. Instructor was like Mr. G on Crack.

Today, off to Annie Smithers Bistrot in Kyneton for a belated mothers day lunch. Yummm….

Need to pull the finger out and go for a run.

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  1. yes! book me in for a long run on sunday 24th! name the time and place and i’ll be there!

    SPAIN!!! wow, i’m so jealous of you! jetsetting little sassy!

  2. g’day little sassy, i’ll see you at Kanteen on Sunday for a nice 10K-er!

    …and yep to weekly long runs – no probs!

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