Note to self: Don’t sing during body step.


Well I have been slack-aroo with blogging, have pulled my finger out (pop) and dunnit.

Last weekend was busy, went up to Sydney with the Deltamed team to teach the Sydney docs how to pass their FRACP clinical – it is all expenses paid, with a great dinner and a night in the Shangri La. We flew up on the friday night to see our mate Dazza and have some very late drinks. On saturday was the teaching and on Saturday night we went out for the Deltamed group dinner. It turned out to be a very boozy weekend and my my my was it difficult to string coherent thoughts together on Monday. On Wednesday morning, still more tired, I moaned to my boss when I first saw him “I need coffee” and he very thankfully said “Yes, lets go down and talk work over coffee”. Aaaa, a good old caffeine conference. I could buzz my way through the ward round.

Last night, I became obsessed by seeing the quickest way I could get a free business class seat with my Singapore Airlines frequent flyer points…….it would appear that there is no way, quick or otherwise….dang. Wanna fly business class. Don’t wanna pay for it. 

Today, I went to wound clinic and nearly wet my pants with excitement because I saw a person with a rare condition, and there is a world expert on the condition who is a consultant at my hospital who used to be my boss so I rang him and said “I am nearly wetting my pants with excitement, let me tell you about….”. He was very helpful.

This arvo, a half day off to see the dog behaviouralist that we have hired…though we got our times mixed up and I missed her by an hour. I had rushed home via public transport (hubby had car). So I got some much needed snooze this arvo. We had watched the Dog Whisperer video the night before and found out some interesting bits of canine psychology (foremost being that dogs respond to edible treats, but many less obvious gems).

Off I went at 6:30 this evening to body step, which I am rediscovering my  love for; I have been to 3 classes this week! I have been trying all the advanced plyometric type moves in the class and have picked them up well. I went to my sweaty happy place and tried to sing the song lyrics to the final track….very difficult!  Off then for a Japanese dinner with hubby and a well worked up appetite.

Only a day of work lies between me and the weekend, but unfortunately this weekend will be busy…..I will be attending a training weekend for geriatrics, along with a free dinner on the Saturday night….good to know dinner is free if not business class seats!

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  1. Uh, huh, so you’re one of those people who sing out loud 😀

    I was running on the treadmill recently and a woman on the next treadmill just starting singing out loud. It did make me giggle though. I don’t think she actually realised that she could be heard!!

    Photos, where are the photos of your trip!!!

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