Back to reality (and work)


Well it has been a very busy week at work and I have been coming home quite tired. The diarrhoea is better but my body is possibly still weakened by it. I have not had any time to cook or tidy; think I might give teaching a miss tomorrow, need to get a doctors referral for the headshrinker.

The dog has been a problem, she is lovely when we are home but apparently she cries during the day when we are at work, and the neighbourhood is talking about it! This is mortifying firstly because our little dog is suffering during the day (parent’s guilt is coming early) and secondly because the neighbours might think we are dog torturers or something nastly like that (and thirdly because our next door neighbour has had a little baby and I am scared that the doggy is waking them up).

We have sought the assistance of a “Dog whisperer” to assist us, hopefully this will help allay Candy’s separation anxiety.

I will re-join the gym tomorrow and hopefully get a step class in tomorrow evening. I did pilates early this morning, Aimee (the instructor) is fantastic but her strong Kiwi accent can grate a little (sorry kiwis). The good thing about working at the Austin Hospital is that there are many staircases and I have been using them, to the point where my legs are fatigued at the end of the day.

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  1. Candy might sook a little bit, but puppies sleep nearly 20 hours a day so I wouldnt worry too much. Bella sleeps all day when I am home and even looks a little miffed if I wake her up. Is she outside during the day? My neighbours all stop and have a chat to Bella when I am not there- she has her own little routine with each of them.

  2. Great to here you’ve re-joined the gym. You commented on my blog about re-discovering your new look last Oct! sorry I didn’t see it. I teach pilates, do an exercise tv show and just finished a book on pilates for golf! How is the work out thing going?

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