To uninterrupted electricity, clean, western style (cf squat) toilets, hot water and cold days. I am happy but still in “holiday mode”.

For the latter days of my holiday, I had quite severe diarrhoea, and the effect of multiple days of this was dehydration. At the airport yesterday, I felt weak as a kitten, walking very slowly and generally feeling very lethargic. Hubby ensured I drank plenty of water topped up with rehydration salts. At the check-in counter in Kathmandu, I was asked by the lady if I was unwell. I replied: ” I do not have swine flu”.

The check in, security and customs process in KTM was a bit farcical; the check in took ages, it was near impossible to find any departure forms not in Nepali and seriously, 3 security “pat downs’ is a bit excessive. All the people checking our bags were wearing respiratory masks, but most of them had them only covering the mouth!

The flight was fairly uneventful, always a pleasure stopping at changi airport and we arrived home this morning. I had swollen ankles! My weight doesn’t seem to have changed on the scales which is good.

When we got home, we found a note on our door from a concerned neighbour, worried about our dog because she heard her crying a lot. (FYI we had Mr. Sassy’s brother house and dog sitting). I promptly rang her up and explained that we had been away and invited her around. She bought her labarador with her and unfortunately said lab and candy did not get along. she had offered to dog- sit for us while we were away at work, which was a very kind offer. It is a bit hard to know what to do, but there is a “lonely pets club” near here.

Well I had better get to unpacking, I have gotten Mr. Sassy to do some grocery shopping, get some takeaway and fill the car up.

work tomorrow – I have planned no exercise as I know tomorrow will be struggle enough.

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