Nepal II – nearly time to go home :(


On our second day in chitwan, we came home from our bed bug infested humpies and went to our nicer hotel. In the arvo – elephant rides. Initially I was scared of the saddle falling off and me breaking bones but as time went on I relaxed. Four of us were on an elephant. I felt sorry for them but with their weight it is the equivalent to us carrying a 5 kg backpack. It was great, loping through the jungle, seeing rhinoceros doing rhino things, deer, boar and macaques. Also lots of butterflies. A magnificent jungle sunset followed. The elephants seemed quite chilled out, very happy to grab tree branches with their trunks as they loped along. When we hit the streams, the elephants stopped and splashed themselves with water, getting us wet in the process.

Yesterday, a ride up to KTM from chitwan (another 6 hours) with some time to think (more on that later) and in the arvo I did some helping of the Nepali economy (shopping). The squirts are ongoing but partially held at bay with imodium. I did get some nasty cramps yesterday, and i asked a local lady to use the shop toilet. It was fetid so I did not partake. I am glad that morsey got a giggle from my predicament, it is kind of funny in retrospect, like most uncomfortable or scary circumstances  🙂

Early this morning, we took a flight over the himalayas and saw everest and her sisters close up, I got some good photos and we all got to go up to the cockpit to look out. Well worth the $160 USD to do.

This arvo, a tour of the temples and maybe some more Nepali economy supporting.

Tomorrow we fly home.

First, a few thoughts on my fitness regimen, had a bit of time to think yesterday.

  • truth be told, I enjoy the long runs with shells far more than I do the running club. Running club is also quite onerous, time wise.  I think I will quit running club and re- join the gym. I enjoy step classes and I may get myself a personal trainer; I think my fitness would benefit more with a personalised approach. There are also hints and tips in runners world. No, I won’t quit running, just supplement with other things, like doing the intervals on the tready, x trainer etc etc.
  • I also enjoy multiple different things like dancing – I think fitness needs to be in multiple domains. Also, I need to work on my flexibilityand balance with yoga classes. I would also like to have a go at parkour. (look it up!)
  • A girl on my trip will be going on to trek to everest base camp – a lofty aspiration!

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  1. hey! welcome back little sassy, it must’ve been a shock to your system coming back from scorching india to freezing melbourne!

    aw, what a kind thing to say! i enjoy the long runs with you too.

    re: you won’t catch me doing parkour any time soon – i am clumsy and would probably break my head!

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