wonderful Orchha


Yesterday, we went to a palace in Orchha dating back from the 1500s. A wonderful photo opportunity. Then to a recycled paper factory employing tribal women, a responsible business strategy. Many beautiful paper products were purchased. Last night we had a picnic dinner (complete with thali plates) along with live indian music and dancing.We ended up dancing with the little children and we had a simply joyous time.

I met with a very friendly cow who licked m arm and I gave her a pat. When I stopped, she nudged my arm again as if to say “more please”. The next day she appreared to remember who I was!

this morning, to a cooking demonstration at a lady’s house. She showed us how to make chai, vegie curries and chapatti. Afterwards we ate the profits, and got henna tatoos and garlands and red spots on a foreheads.

Tonight, on the overnight train to Allahabad, then for a cruise (and possibly swimming in) the Ganges.

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