We put the FUN in FUN RUN!


A long day but a great one!

Didn’t sleep too well last night, a mixture of excitement, anxiety and having had a nana nap yesterday.

Got to the gazebo in plenty of time for a 2nd piddle…..met all the Ausrun folk. Jealous of the blokes for not having to queue for a dunny – as Tigerboy said “The world is our toilet”. Caught up with Shells, saw my colleagues (and mates) Kath and Thuy who put in a great run.

Took 20ish minutes after the gun to cross the finish line, didn’t help that all the slowies had shoved their slow butts in front and us “real runners” had to jostle their way through the walkers……are they colour blind or just silly?? Stricter enforcing of the start rules will be required with a slap issued for non-compliance 🙂

A fairly comfy first 6km, we cheered on the costumed people. Over the Bolte was tough but we sang the Rocky song, encouraged the folk who were walking to run, hammed it up for the photographers and generally just had a good larf.

We picked it up after the bolte and then at the 9km mark, Shells picked up the pace a bit. Part of me wanted to whine but in the end I sucked it right in and kept up. A good solid 5km, including the Collins St hill. Here we started quoting Obama “Yes, We can!” After this we were off again and high-fived some of the marshalls. We passed a lot of people during this bit, quite a few of them wearing yellow bibs!

We finished in 103 minutes, I was happy with that time, it is something to beat for next year. I also didn’t whine or swear until the very end, which is very good form for me. We also took no walk breaks.

I had better pull my finger out with training otherwise my little mate will start leaving me behind! Very much enjoyed running it with shells!

After, we went to the Transport bar, met up with Tony, Dave and his missus, Em, Sara, Jaykay and Michelle and her lovely girls, and JH. Good to meet them, some of them for the first time. The two wines were quite ill advised; running made the wines go straight to my head and I needed a red bull to sober up (complaining loudly that the $6 price for this was “bullshit”).

Went and tottled about town, partaking of a krispy kreme donut, and then for dessert, a hot choc and danish from Koko black. I had forgotten how filling the hot chocs are there; it has been sitting like a big rock in my tummy and I won’t be wanting tea. I also have a headache from the wines. Will stick to lolly water after runs from now on *oops*

Now for trashy Sunday nite TV!!!

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  1. Hey Sassy, it was great to chat to you yesterday. Glad you refuelled after the run with the good stuff, wine, chips, hot chocolate and donuts…..perfect! And yes I agree with you….$6.00 for a red bull is crap.

  2. R4TK was really ‘fun’; hooting and hollering and high-fiving. It was a really different atmosphere than trying to run my guts out, ha!

    This was really Sassy’s run. You did a great job of sucking it up when it hurt and I pretty much forced you to negative split this one (the hard taskmaster that I am).

    Next year sassy, I’m confident we will do this in 90 minutes. or even 85 so we can join one of those pace group!

    (…and i followed up my run with a yum cha chaser, then an icecream at home and a hot cross bun) I probably should’ve kept on running after the finish line, had I have known what damage I would do! heehee)

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