Better today.


Firstly, I would like to thank Andrew and Tony for their words of support yesterday. Was having a bad day.

I took the hound for a run this morning, she enjoyed it but took it as an opportunity to chase other dogs….her lead was sharply tugged on. She flagged a bit the last km or so but kept up. Felt the wind on my face, saw the sunset and got passed by other runners – but cutting a prinny is much easier now than what it used to be.

A mercifully short day at work today, off to education session in the arvo, good session and good to catch up with my geriatrics colleagues.

In my job, I see the very best and worst of human nature (well, not quite on par with the worst – but you know what I mean). Going to have to be deliberately vague, as always, about this.

Tomorrow – off to the headshrinker, then to work, then for a haircut, then out for a friend’s birthday party at Pizza Miene Liebe in Northcote. Equal best pizza in town. I Carusi in east brunny also good.

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  1. Glad you are feeling better- I would put it down to having a blinder of a run last week as well as you very demanding job. I certainly wouldnt stress about the Maccas or Easter eggs- it is all fuel, sometimes we just need to stuff that has no other benefit than comfort. Looking forward to seeing you after the run (today!)

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