22KM….WE ROCK!!!!!


Shells and I ran 22km today (I checked this on mapmyrun.com.)

The last 3 or so km really hurt and my back was killing me.

All up it took just under 3 hours – this included stops to apply lip balm to hot spots on feet, and plentiful drink stops.

Shells was bullet-proof – no blisters, no niggles, no need for sugar and no whining. She bounded effortlessly up the stairs on the route. Was good to do this with her.

I was pretty sore and sorry at the end; my back was killing me. I bought some nurofen at the 7-11 at fed square and this did the job well. I also had some chocky milk (600mL carton) which nearly made me sick. Should stick with the smaller one next time.

Afterwards, went to lunch with Mel and Amy, good to see them both. Had the grilled fish with hand-cut chippies, needed to replenish the carbohydrates!!

might go have a happy nap now, God knows, I have earned it.

R4TK will be a piece of P155!!!

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  1. Wow, 22km!!! That is freakin’ awesome. I felt good today, had the lungs and the legs. Got one hot spot on the arch of the right foot, closer to the heel this time, stupid transient blisters!

    Thanks for taking me on the trail, that was the best route ever! I loved Dight’s falls and all the animals at Collingwood children’s farm. What great scenery!

    ‘Bounding up stairs’ ha! I credit it all to the butt and quad exercises! It’s finally paying off!

    Afterwards, I went and had a full cooked b’fast and a piece of choc cake. I think after I had something to eat the adrenaline must’ve worn off and I got very tired very quickly… I also had a nanna nap ;D

    We will eat R4TK for breakfast next weekend…yeehah!

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