My niggle collection.


I seem to have collected a few niggles over the past week. It is possibly hypochondria – a little knowledge can be a bad thing sometimes:

  • My arse-ritis (left buttock)
  • tight left hammy
  • little twinges (only twinges, not prolonged) in my medial shins
  • an itchy rash where my right foot blister is healing up (? reaction to adhesive in sports tape)
  • A creaky plantar great toe tendon.
  • an imagined leg length discrepancy

I have been stretching, massaging, sitting on spiky balls and icing. I have given the speed session at todays training a miss; I did a pilates session this morning already and am planning to do some x-training tomorrow….and have taken the dog for a walk today.

Am planning a 19km run with shells on sundee – am hoping that it all goes pain-free. I am starting to think like an athlete now!

But not eating like one all the time…..had a bit of the munchies during the case conference today…..if yummy choc biccies and raspberry/macadamia/white choc muffins are 40 centimetres in front of me, I find it very hard to resist, or stop at one!

But I think now….my bad food days now are what my good food days were like before….I hope.

anyways, best off to bed to get up early for x-training tomorrow morning!

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