Don’t like this weekend….I want another!


I have been running about like a headless chook this weekend, and not in the fun exercisey way.

Saturday morning I woke up improbably early and went to the gym. Did a powerful 20mins on the X trainer but couldn’t manage on the tready….yep, am just an outside runner. Tready too boring.

Then off to Hubby’s graduation ceremony, very boring but good to see hubby with a Mortarboard. The mother-in-law came down especially for it. We went for a lovely civilised lunch.

Then off to work for me to go straighten things out, there for an honest three hours. Meanwhile, Hubby and the dog had gone for a long walk in the heat, and when they got back, the dog flopped down as if to say “I’m pooped” and then skolled a whole bowl of water.

Yesterday nights dinner was Ethiopian, at Cafe Lalibela, a little diner in the dodgier end of Footscray. It was great, they serve all the dishes on a big plate in the centre, the curries are atop injera, a large Ethiopian flatbread. Injera is torn off to scoop up the curries. They are not at all big on cutlery. Then after, Icecream was in order, so we went to Gelobar which had half of Melbourne inside. I had the Zuppa Inglese (literally translates to English Soup, or trifle) icecream and it was yuuuuummy.

Was called into work early (yes, 10:30 IS early for a sunday), can’t give details but what I had to do was a right frickin palaver. Was there for 4 hours and then just as I got home I got called AGAIN! I was able to sort it out over the phone though. 

After this a nap on the couch was needed……So no 90 minute run as planned today…..will have to be next weekend.

Gotta luv trashy tv sunday night….

Addit 2207hrs: RIP Jade Goody – famous for fame’s sake, but hopefully her struggle will help others get their cervical cancer detected. It is a terrible shame, a beautiful mother of two dying of a disease which is preventable and treatable. And boo to the aussie government for taking HPV vax off the market; I was a guinea pig for the trials for that vaccine, I hope I didn’t lend my cervix for medical research in vain!!!

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