Friday….but not really.


‘Cause I am on call this weekend.  Bleurgh.

The dog has undergone some separation anxiety this week, she has had a sook when we leave and when we put her outside at night, but she is improving. She is beautiful and has mastered the art of leaping lightly into my lap like a dog half her weight!

Work a bit tiring this week – Have been getting up early to walk the dog and so I get tired early. Didn’t help that I had to stay back till 7pm tonight; explaining to a shocked family what  should have been explained much earlier and ideally not on a friday night….luckily I will be on this weekend to follow up with them if they have more questions…which they will.

My resident passed his FRACP written exam, I am very proud of him; it is a tough exam (I know, I did it 2 years ago!!)

To answer Em’s question – yes, my coach knows I am doing a HM, actually it was coach Brian who suggested I do it as my  long runs are up to 2 hours. I will have my little mate Shells to cheer me on (little is a term of endearment, not a slight!!!)

On the way home tonight I checked out a gym which has $5 casual visits – will try and get there for some cross training this weekend. 

Hubby receiving his masters of psychological medicine (MPM) tomorrow; a compulsory part of his Psychiatry training, but it will be good to see him in a Mortarboard…..Melb uni only give them for postgraduate degrees, not undergraduate degrees.

Well wish me luck for a fuss-free on call weekend (but never, ever use the q word… is a jinx)

Addit 2230hrs: I have registered for the run melbourne half marathon. EEEEKK!!

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  1. ‘ello sassy! i signed up for the R4TK last night! can’t believe it’s only 2 weeks away as i haven’t really ‘trained’ for it, ha! but i pulled out a pb for a 7km today – 42’09” on my lunchtime run today. it’s only 14km, she’ll be apples, mate ;D

    how’s candy going? i looove dogs! can’t wait to meet her!

    hope you have an uneventful weekend!

    shells 😉

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