Dogs, ipods and personal bests….a good weekend.


Today started with the Sri Chinmoy 10km race on Yarra Boulevard. I ran well and got a time of 67 mins….nearly 9 minutes faster than my last 10km race; the MM 10km.

A happy nap was required after, and then hubby and I went to JBhifi. I bought a long-awaited ipod and have already downloaded my fave songs. I have to work out how to do playlists. I will have a running, chill-out and singing my lungs out playlist.

We have found out some things about Candy; she is quite naughty and has a very strong set of jaws. We left her at home while we went to the shops and to our mortification, she was not in the backyard when we got back. She was in the neighbours back yard. We worked out that she had hopped from the top of her kennel, onto the barbecue, chewed through bits of wooden lattice and made a hole in it, and wiggled through it to the neighbourse. Naughty dog! We have changed the backyard configuration so she will not be able to do that again, hopefully she will be ok when we are at work. I also went and bought some new toys for her, some superstrong tennis balls, a rubber dumbell with a mint flavour and a Dr. Harry Cooper approved tough ball. We will also leave her a bone or 2 tomorrow. She can also jump up onto our bed, which is quite high!

Have had a relaxed day with my food; have had such delicacies as sausage in bread with sauce, mini mars and snickers, and some fish and chips. the 10km run helps burn this stuff off!

Well I had better get to bed now……

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