Candy Truffle Haywood.


The name of the Staffordshire terrier that we adopted from the Lost Dogs Home today.

She is every bit as sweet as her name suggests.

She is an 8 year old dog, placid, obedient and house trained. She loves a cuddle and a sit. She is not yappy (hang on, was that a yap I heard?)

She likes:

  • Walkies, even in the rain,
  • Pats, from all and sundry
  • Tummy and chin rubs
  • Laying waste to tennis balls
  • Sleeping on the fluffy mat we bought her, especially if the mat is on my lap.

She dislikes

  • being put outside

She tolerates other dogs.

She is not at all interested in the chew rope and the Kong toy the Vet nurse thought she would like. 

She is a Staffy Cross, we think crossed with a Piglet because she makes noises that sound like oinks when she is sniffing things.

We love her. She makes me happy.

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