You know what….I may be good at this!


With my little running friend in Ballarat I decided to go it alone on my run – I smothered the footsies in bodyglide, filled the bottle in the fuel belt with half powerade, half water, donned the sweat wicking attire and headed out along the capital city trail. I hit a construction works bit near Rushall station (having found where to go now) and had to detour via Spensley st in Clifton Hill. I was rewarded with a beautiful trail, via Dights falls, yarra bend park, collingwood children’s farm and some beautiful spots along the river that I did not even know existed!. I made it all the way from Brunswick to near St. Kevin’s college, about 1 hour 40 minutes running and possibly about 15km….my blisters which had been a bit ouchie for about an hour were just getting a bit unbearable.

On my run, I was slowed down by getting a bit lost, drink breaks and re-adjusting pants and socks, but a thought occurred to me.

I might be good at this distance thingy.

I may actually be able to run a marathon, if only I can get on top of my tendency to blister… legs were holding up just fine and a probably had another 8-10km in them…..

A very empowering thought!

I had luckily stashed 10 bucks in my fuel belt so I was able to get home via train and tram quite easily….was able to buy a Big M at a milk bar and I tell you, one had never tasted so good!

Am excited to get out for another run….think I’ll try some firm tape over the blister prone areas.

My name’s Sassy and I’m a Distance Junkie!

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  1. bl**dy good on you, little one! sounds like you’ve made a mental switch of not being scared of the distance anymore. I think I’ve had one too, like, the distance from 14 to 17km is not that great, then the distance from 17 to 19km isn’t that big of a difference, I feel completely confident of doing a half marathon… but it’s the full marathon that scares me! But last night i just read in my new book by pam reed (she’s an ultrarunner) that most people can do twice their imagined limit. so if i think a half is my limit, then a marathon is actually achievable! which i was very glad to hear!

    now let those blisters heal! you need the feeties to be in good shape for R4TK! đŸ˜€

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