A new form of cross training: The Zorba (in heels)


On Friday: Had a fairly average day. Went to catch up with the headshrinker who prescribed me some more medicine for the month and charged me a bit more than usual. Perhaps it was because I called him a luddite – he deserved it because he did not know what a blog was. Never a good idea to call one’s headshrinker a luddite, or any other name for that matter.

Sent my resident home early, he was on call last night and has a massive exam on tuesday (the one I sat 2 years ago) and he looked like shit. I even gave him some chocolates and lollies to help him through his last lot of study before the exam. A busy friday afternoon, not helped by a “customer’s” family member absolutely going berserk at me (I would go so far as to say that she tore me a new arsehole) for what essentially was absolutely appropriate management of her relative. I knew I had done the right thing but it is always distressing to be yelled at. I have toughened up substantially in the years that I have been a medical professional; a couple of years ago I would have instantly burst into tears at her tirade. A very female thing to do. I think I have grown some balls. 🙂 It is important to never, ever yell back. 

Friday night was my 30th birthday dinner, lots of friends coming to join me. It was great fun. Shells (fellow runner) came along and I introduced her to my other friends as “my partner in insanity”. But the party wound up at 11pm – I go from tipsy to very sleepy very quickly! Must be getting old.

I got some cool pressies, one of them was an ipod plug in thingy with a capsule to put in (Nike) runners. Will have to go out and buy an ipod, have been looking for an excuse to buy one! Not sure where I shall put the capsule though, I have adidas runners.

Saturday AM: went to beginners funk then jazz classes, 2 hours of dancing fun and frivolity. Lovelovelove it. Last night we went to a Greek friend’s work function for some soccer boys from the Greek island of Leros. I was expecting to see all of these hot young fellas but they were all in their mid 30s or above. Had to perve on the hubby instead 🙂

There was lots of dancing, got a crash course on how to do the Zorba but I was worried about my knees and ankles in my heels. Luckily no major injuries were sustained.

A lazy day today and a long run planned for tomorrow, will smother the footsies in bodyglide and see how this goes.

My relationship with my sister goes from lukewarm to awkward to hostile. It is difficult and I swing between anger and guilt. We are chalk and cheese. I know that it upsets mum when we don’t get along sometimes. I have suggested a truce with her and that we both ought to try a bit harder to get along…..haven’t heard from her yet. Don’t know how much it matters to her…..

Must get off my buttocks and do some cleaning and little things such as tax returns ……..

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  1. I’ve got one of the Nike plus thingos for my ipod and I just tuck the capsule thing in my shoes under the laces. It takes a bit of jiggling at first to get it comfortable but I seem to manage okay. It’s nowhere near as accurate as a garmin etc but then a lot cheaper too!

  2. I’m sure you can buy a little cover thing for footpod and then you just slide it over your laces….Ebay maybe??

    I also have a very cold relationship with my sister. Nothing really hostile, but whenever I see her she always has some smartarse comment to make, or goes on about how her way of doing things is always the right way and anyone else’s way is just wrong 🙄

    Happy Birthday 😀

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