My first few days in my 30’s.


Monday- what a dreary thing to go to work, but the jobs were done. Went to running training, only did the strength part as blisters were still a killer after the 8km triumph on sunday. Then went to a friend’s place for dinner – lots of yummy home cooked chinese food!

Tuesday (yesterday) – felt victorious – loads of chocky at work and I did not eat one!!! Yey. My new rule is – no chocky or alcohol during the week (unless going out someplace special). I have to tell myself “It’s ok, chocky will still be there after!” Ate a bit of peanut toffee though but kept the rest of the meal pretty healthy. Was on call last night – a bit stressful, think may have put foot in it with people at work but oh well. Was a bit stressed about this today, the old me, too worried about what people think, but distraction is the best way to deal with this.

Today- Had the day of work (woo hoo) to take Mum to have her gastroscopy and colonoscopy. She was fine, even got a bit of shopping in at Highpoint while I was waiting for her.

I did something that perhaps was a bit foolish today – I went and tried on some of the new “Selvedge” denim jeans in Jeans West, look designer but without the price tag, and they did not quite get up my thighs. Rather than getting the larger size, I bought that size, saying “motivation”. Some people do that, some do not advocate it. I will try them on every couple of weeks. Hopefully in a month or two they will be gliding effortlessly over my buttocks!

Off to pilates tonight, am doing this rather than running tonight to give the blisters a chance to heal.

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  1. Just catching up.

    Happy Birthday, you are in the Masters division now, welcome to the club 😉

    Congrats on the PB, great birthday pressie.

    About the jeans, worse thing that happens is you have a useless pair of jeans, but if they are only a size down they’ll fit you in no time, and they’ll probably look hot with those new shoes you picked up a few weeks ago.

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