Wings on my feet, pity about the dang blisters!


Well, after a hard day at work and being on call yesterday, I went to running training. Can’t say I was looking forward to it! I went anyway, was a fast 5 km. I got into it well, got some good speed up and got to a point at about the 20 minute mark where I was running strong (6:10ish mins) and then the tape that I had diligently pasted on my blisters started to unravel. This stopped me in my tracks. Bugger. I will be really strong once I take charge of the blisters. Other  than this, the Adistar shoes are great; am not having nearly as much ache in the shins.

Had the grand round at work, then the team meeting. A staff member was leaving and food was there – I spent the whole meeting sitting in front of 2 packs of tim tams. I only ate one biscuit! Good thing I was running the meeting, otherwise many more tim tams would be sitting in my belly! Go me.

Had better go have dinner now.

Think I may go to bed early and read my new book, complete book of running for women.

Addit 2200: I have just entered the Brooks River run – 8 km on Sunday the 1st of March – My 30th Birthday! I have also bought a techie tee to commemorate the event!

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