Up n down Friday.


This AM, went on a home visit. Interesting but taxing in a way. Hard to know where the problem is! Sounds a bit cryptic but I kinda have to be!

This arvo, chasing my tail!

The eating/calorie king thing: Didn’t eat any chocky today. Did eat 2 of my home-made muffins. Why 2?? Well, at least I have run out now. Note to self – baking isn’t good for trying to lose weight! Tomorrow is a new day. It is so hard. I hear Lily Allen (cheeky UK songbird) lost weight by hypnotherapy, convincing her that she liked healthy food in preference to junk. It worked for her.

Hubby rang me up this arvo and asked me if we wanted to adopt an orphaned dog from the bushfires. I got all excited and started making mental plans. But we found out that they had all already been adopted. 😦 All excited about getting a dog and now very let down.

Had a terrible gut-ache from eating onion in my stir-fry lunch today (It is go out for food friday). I had to go to bed after work, a sleep cures everything. I am not meant to eat onion (wheat, apple etc etc) but I have gone off the rails.

I need to get back on the rails. Anyone have any ideas to re-rail after derailing? I have been a bit down in the dumps about this.

On to more exciting news, I am going to the Dance factory in Richmond to try some dance classes. I think I will do 2 in a row; Funk and Jazz, just to see which one I like better. Hell, if I can run for 2 hours I can certainly dance for 2 hours.:)

Might try and convince hubby that we can go to the lost dogs home for a browse……

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  1. Re the derailing thing. When I was trying to stop myself eat the wrong things during my weight loss, if I was tempted I would have a cup of tea, or drink water instead, then maybe have a piece of fruit. I guess it’s just deflection.

  2. I love my running partner and I am so excited that you are (maybe) getting a dog! I am always so sad when I leave her to go away. I like to read diet books to get back on track- they just click something in my mind even if I am not going to follow their ridiculous rules.

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