2 new pairs of HOT shoes.


Went for a shopping trip with my mother in law for my 30th birthday present (my birthday isn’t actually until the 1st of March) and she bought me some new running shoes – Adistar Salvation. Very cushy, very supportive, hopefully few blisters. The midsole on the Kayano did not last very long.

MIL and I had a very nice day together, looking at all the couture and nice lady stuff in the shops. What recession, I ask you? 🙂

I also put on layby some high heeled gladiator type sandals, a “statement” shoe according to the saleslady at Midas. I can actually walk in them, which was more than what I could say for others I tried on. I just don’t know how Posh and all the Hollywood stars walk in them – they force the ankle into extreme plantarflexion and it puts the whole body out of whack.

I got home, cooked a good pommy meal; low fat sausages (they just don’t taste as good as the fatty ones), braised cabbage with worcestershire sauce and some little roast potatoes. Yum!

Watched “So you think you can dance”, really enjoyed it. Particularly loved the whole “Geek/ Hot chick” dynamic going on between Penny and Charlie, and also confessed to loving Beyonce’s “Single Ladies”.

I have actually done quite a lot of dancing in the past, mainly Jazz and Hip-Hop. The last time I took classes was about 6 years ago. I loved it. I used to go to my happy place. I would like to take it up again, and I have kept my jazz shoes for 6 years in the hope that I would! There are Jazz and Funk classes at the Dance Factory in Richmond, sound fairly flexible. But with running and pilates, that would take most of my weeknights out! Hmmm. I really love to dance, though, it is my first love, before pilates and running.

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  1. so when should we start calling you ‘Imelda’? ha 😀

    my friends do go-go dancing classes at the bendigo hotel in collingwood and also there is meant to be swing classes as well…

    i prefer to dance (to cheesy commercial dance music), in the bathroom, where no-one can see me ;D

  2. Hi Sassydrcil!
    thanks for the comment on my gratitude blog – hardly ever get any so it was a nice surprise!
    The way I’m cutting down snacking is by writing NEO on my hand – Not Even One so I don’t start with just one cracker and suddenly (no idea how) the box is gone
    which half marathon are you doing?

  3. My mum made me do Jazz Ballet for a term when I was about 15, awful can’t even begin to describe how bad I was, not to mention asking a body conscious teen to squeeze into lycra…..

    I really admire people with coordination.

  4. If you love dancing then you should dance. And if you love it more than running and pilates then you should put it before them too.

    If it makes you feel good, then do it!

  5. I would love to get into dancing if I could afford it! Perhaps down the track, it too is my pref over running and pilates. It makes you feel so GOOD.

    Also, I gave myself a cheer when you said that it puts the foot into extreme plantarflexion and I know what you’re talking about! Hazzah!

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