Shells and I are now, truly, long distance athletes.

We did about 17 or so km in this time.

It didn’t start off brilliantly, I needed to pee and had some shin pain. I also had new gear on, my brooks adrenaline runners which I hadn’t worn on a long run before, my melbourne marathon visor, a new pair of tights and a fuel belt with water/gatorade mix.

The thing that made the difference was the sugar – it got me through. So did having Shells to yap with.

I also got a blister, which necessitated us walking for a bit but I ran through most of it.

I now have a mental toughness which is greater than what I had previously.

After, we felt good, a kind of tired contentment.

Half marathon, here we come!!!

Happy Valentine’s day everybody. Mwaahhh!

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  1. Woo hoo- you girls rock! Great run. Which Half are you aiming for? Hope you stretched well afterwards and tomorrow you feel light as a bird. Sounds like you have worked off every freddo, biscuit and scalloped potato (yum!).

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