The crap!

I need to cut the crappy snacks! I have trouble resisting them!

Be prepared with good foods.

Distract self when get stressed.

Only eat chocs, biscuits etc on the weekend (shouldn’t be eating wheat anyway, so why why why???)


Doesn’t help when I have a stressful day at work. Hmmm……

Hypnotherapy? Aversive therapy (electrodes attached to sensitive parts???)


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  1. a lolly here and there isn’t going to kill you! but for the big ticket items, cakes, etc. this is my snack aversion strategy… before I have the snack, i ask myself, do i want to work it off? if i do, then i go for it… if i don’t (which is usually the case) i don’t have it ;D

    …and i love sweets, particularly any form of cake/ muffin/ biscuit/ pastry/ tarts/ buns/ donuts… (not so much chocolate)

    i do make allowances on weekends though, cos you can’t live a life of total deprivation!

    ps. why wheat you ask? because it’s delicious!

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