Little Miss Snacky.


My meals – perfect.

My snacks – not so – freddo frog, scone with jam and cream and a small glass of red  (all today) are among the culprits. (Or I am the culprit, they are the subject). I am used to sugary treats. I feel I need them, particularly after a stressful day at work. I am a sugar addict…..Maybe I might take some bread, ricotta and honey to make myself a wholesome sweet treat??? My overall calorie intake is not too bad, about 1800.

Maybe I should eat more at meals????

A busy day with ward work in the morning (yet another emergency…..) and education session in the arvo. I found out that I will have to change training hospitals next year. This rattles me somewhat, I feel I am part of the furniture in my training group of hospitals, yet we are encouraged to change….this is probably a good thing. It means I will have to work hard and not sit on my laurels. I am glad I have the energy now to devote to my geriatrics training, it will require some study, focus and effort which I did not really have the capacity for last year given how ill I was. I am keen to impress my bosses, and more importantly, patients. One cannot try too hard as this can go into the realm of sucking up and nobody likes a suck.:)

I got my new free copy of womens health today – lots of useless facts that keep me amused.

Oh yeah, and I popped $50 on a fuel belt today – lots of expense for very little really but if it keeps me from going into glycogen depletion during a run then so be it.

One thing that the coach said to me last night: “You know why it hurts? ‘Cause it works!” My new mantra.

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  1. hey sassy, i’ve got a camelbak (not a real one, just a macpac one) we should give them a test run on one of our runs! although, i’ve kind of trained myself that i can go 15K without a drink – not on purpose, more incidentally as running suburban roads there are no drink fountains… unless you count stealing the water out of ppl’s front yard taps ;D

    when i cut out my snacks, i replaced the sweet things with fruit. but you can’t have fructose, so that’s of no use to you! (sorry!)

    loved what the coach said, that’s great! i’m going to use that one 😀

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