I had a big lunch (chicken drumsticks, scalloped potato) and big afternoon tea today (chocolate biscuits and arnott’s shapes). Whoopsy. I always eat more than the designated 1490 calories, but manage to negate some of it with exercise. I would lose more weight more quickly if I did not eat “sometimes” foods on a near-daily basis! Whoopsy again.

After work – running club, got some 1 on 1 with the new trainer, Brian (not Schepisi). He followed on his bike. We did 2 minutes strong, 1 minute jogging recovery. I know I worked hard because a. I swore and b. I nearly yakked at the end. I finally learned the meaning of “eat my dust”; there were some footy players running around prinny park and they all passed me and I ate (or more appropriately, choked on) their dust. They were big and frightened me.

Ward round with the boss dude today. He is a good bloke.

Ok so now gotta think up 10 things am grateful for today:

  1. The boss being a good bloke
  2. That I had brought some proper coffee in to work today
  3. That I had time to drink it
  4. That the NUM bought in choccy bikkies to the meeting this arvo (I should not be grateful, but really I am!)
  5. A good run today
  6. The “pet therapy” dog that the brought onto the ward today, I had a little pat of him
  7. That I got a thankyou rather than the earful of abuse I was expecting
  8. That I am being taught stuff at work rather than being chucked into the deep end and expected to suck it in and do it.
  9. That I get an early night tonight
  10. That I get more teaching tomorrow.


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  1. Sassy, 1490 calories is really nothing! i work in kj, so that’s 6258. I’m on 8,000kj (1904 cal) a day and even that’s hard to stick to! and you do a heap of exercise, so I think you’ve earnt a few more cal than what is designated 🙂

    …nearly ‘yakking’, now that’s a workout! but you’re tough, i know you can take it!

    …i want to pat a pet therapy dog!

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