giving the black dog a smack in the bum.


I am not advocating animal cruelty. I love dogs. Just not my black one.

Lately, insidiously, I have been worrying a little more about the things. Having some negative thoughts. Feeling a bit more tired than usual. Today, I felt quite down. I don’t know what has brought it on but I do not want to give into it. I don’t want to go back to where I was a year ago. I spent my afternoon off wandering about Northland, got myself a couple of things. I have been watching Bondi vet, very cliched but very cute. I will spend some time looking at the website “icanhazcheezburgers”, always gets a giggle. Tomorrow is a new day. Think I might bring the doc appt forward. I will challenge these negative thoughts no matter how unnatural it feels. It is the only way.

On call for the weekend, which makes it very difficult to schedule in pleasant activites. Will sleep in on saturday and will not push the running too hard. If I make hard efforts with the runs, I get exhausted and need to sleep the rest of the day. Luckily, the amount I can run before this happens has increased.

I am feeling a bit uncomfortable putting this out there but if I type it down, the resolutions I am making are more real.

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  1. I think the general climate, both economic and weather recently are making everybody jumpy and down.

    Keep that dog on the leash won’t you.

    Exercise does help though doesn’t it, those lovely little endorphins eh, but not tomorrow in 43 degrees – a sleep in sounds better.

    Hope that pager remains silent for you.

  2. I agree with both Andrew and Sara.

    The weather is definitely having an effect on my moods too. I am a sun lover but even these extreme temperatures are not to my liking 😦

    And “icanhazacheezburger” is one of the best websites. I also like “go fug yourself”.

    Hope your weekend is a quiet one (on the work front anyway!).

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