Note to self…..


Don’t take long (~7km) walk in birkenstock sandals. They rub and it is uncomfortable.

Well, I have started a new working rotation somewhere else and boy, is it a different universe. I like broady better, I could actually talk to the people I worked with.

A busy day today, a “customer” told me that I “didn’t know shit from clay”. Nice. Just doing my job and trying to make him better. An occupational hazard.

Was in a bit of a stinky mood when I got home, hubby and I went out for dinner and then went for a long walk. A lovely night for it, too. A little sorbet stop at Brunetti’s and I felt a lot better. We went to our PO box at Melbourne Uni and we found out he passed one of his major case presentation essays. Yeah!

A stop at Borders bookshop on Lygon St, open at all weird and wonderful hours. They had a book called “Sex Detox”. The child in me giggled.

Didn’t go to running training. Was too late home from work and am very sore from previous two nights exercise.

Calorie counting going OK, even though I slip in a couple of little indulgences a day, I seem to get close to target when exercise is factored in. Still, I would lose weight faster if I didn’t have these regular little (sorbet/wine/custard scroll etc) indulgences.

Off to bed via shower now.

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  1. Yes, indulgences seem to be my downfall too.

    Mine comes in the form of the lunch truck, which rolls up at work at around 12.15pm, just when I’m starting to get hungry. Apple Cakes often seem to be the main culprit 😳

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