A busy day, then angst….


Last night we went to my little bro’s girlfriend’s 21st birthday, got to tizzy up a bit. Was bored shitless with all the doof-doof music on and not knowing many people. Kat looked gorgeous and my little bro did quite a simple but touching speech. I was very proud.

Weigh in this morning – 73.3 kg – have lost 0.6 kg it would appear.

Off to brunch with the girls at Hellenic Republic – A spanakopita with 2 eggs for brekky broke the calorie limit comprehensively, as did the Gloria Jean’s iced chocolate I had later, it has a massive 1500kJ. This calorie king business gives a lot of new insights!!

It was my girlfriends from school, good seeing them. One of them just makes me feel a little depressed. She is quite an intelligent girl, but has always lacked confidence and to make matters worse she has been with a fella who, while not overtly abusive, really undermines her self-esteem. She talks about what she wants to do, where she wants to live, what she wants to eat ….”but [boyfriend] doesn’t want to. The rest of us, needless to say, don’t like him.

Then, off with my little sis to see Gabriella Cilmi and the Cat Empire.

My little sis frustrates me. I try not to get mad with her, and to spend meaningful time with her, but gosh, it is hard.

Let me explain.

She left Kat’s 21st early to go out with her own friends (much to my brother and mum’s chagrin). She spent the whole night drinking and drunk-dialled her ex boyfriend and spent the night with him. She got no sleep. Still, she went to the gym. She comes over to my place in the afternoon, explaining that she is tired. She was OK at the beginning but then complained that she didn’t want to walk places as she was tired. We got to Hisense arena to see Gabriella, quite exciting for me as yes, I like Gabriella and I went and stood up near the front and bopped along and sang to the songs. She looked miserable, tired and a little embarrassed to be with me boppin along to Gabs. She told me that she wanted to leave in between gabs and the Cat Empire, citing tiredness.

So much for meaningful time. I told her that I could have invited anyone but thought it would be nice to spend some time with her. She is a slippery one. 

She is my sister and I love her. But after many similar occasions like this I sometimes don’t like her very much.

And I have been worrying about my mum, she is a heavy smoker with a BMI of 40, she gets breathless and wheezy walking across the road and she has absolutely no insight into the fact that she is a nasty cold away from becoming seriously ill. I have seen it all before but she will not believe me when I tell her. I will refer her to a specialist for some test so that she can see the damage she is causing herself in black and white.

Anyway now, that is off my chest. 

Best off to bed with me. A bit of an angsty post today but it’s my blog and I’ll angst if I want to.

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  1. I forgot to say, congratulations on the weight loss! And I think that’s the right tactic to use with your mum. Smoking is sooooo addictive, she probably can’t fathom giving it up. It’s a habit that will be very tough to break, but the quality of her life would be so much better if she quit. Maybe she does need to hear it from someone that isn’t related!

  2. Hey, you angst away all you like.

    Sometimes it’s good to read that other people go through the same struggles and frustrations in their lives too.

    I have a love hate relationship with my sister. Unfortunately it tends to be more hate than love. We are totally different and do not share the same views on anything (well maybe champagne!!)

    Oh yeah, I play WD (by choice). I do get asked if I can play Centre every now and then but Michelle normally plays there as she’s so much more fitter than me!

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