103 minutes – Sassy is pooped.


A run with shells today, 49:12 in, 53 min back. I finally found my  limit and pushed a little bit beyond that. I think I know what glycogen depletion feels like, judging by the dizzy hungry feeling and the legs feeling like lead and the sharp slowing down (is that what it feels like???). I had to take some walkie breaks toward the end. There was a point where I just wanted to lie down but I told myself “NO”. I drew on most of my mental strength. It was a hot one, too!

When we got back, I drank a litre of water, whimpered a bit and inhaled some orange juice at Kanteen. Then brekky, home and snooze.

Went for a little walk around brunswick town, went to True blue shoes factory outlet; a man’s wet dream, a place full of sweaty, grunting, excited women! No shoes in my size, though.

Off to my little bro’s girlfriend’s 21st tonight. Kat, the Greek Goddess. She is beautiful, smart (law student), fashionable and the best thing to happen to my little bro. Have to toddle off to get her a present.

Had my hair done last night, a little bit brown, a little bit red and a lot saucy minx! (Think I already wrote that yesterday).

Best go…..

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  1. hey, what is this ‘limit’ business you speak of? 😀 the body is a resilient thing, Sassy! We just have to tell the muscles what we expect of them so next time they won’t complain 🙂 Bloody good run today, but then again, we are pretty awesome, hee hee!

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