Too Bloody Hot #3 – A hard day at the office.


Woke up early this AM to go for a run which turned into a jogwalkshuffle – it was just too hot and my legs were not coming to the party.

Headshrinker this AM – hate the drive into Richmond, it is stressful. The experience of seeing the doc is always quite sobering because he almost always manages to uncover something…..I suppose that’s what he gets paid for.

In my job things are rarely an immediate matter of life and death (thankfully) but today was an exception. I had to act quick and salvage a situation. Luckily I was able to do this. But a busy rest of the day after this……the nerves get a bit worn.

So many handfuls of chips were eaten in addition to the morning tea. Yes, a patented Sassy stress response, though hopefully the stress eating threshold is getting higher. I have thought about writing the day off, food diary wise, but it is important to be honest with oneself.

So off to the hairdresser I went after work, was running late as per usual. The hairdressing salon has had an uber funky new fitout, with wood panels and fashionable lighting. The piece de resistance, though, is the massaging chairs that you sit in to get the hair washed. Body getting massage, scalp getting massage. Worth the exorbitant amount I pay, though I am sure people pay more and don’t get the bells and whistles. I even scored myself a glass of wine! Yaaaahhh!

Off for a long run with Shells tomorrow, better get an early night…..

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