Too bloody hot #2.


A good day at work, had a half day off but my time was not my own. Had to help out at the mothership and say goodbye to some of the lovely folk I worked with this year and tidy out my desk. 

Learned some more of the evil and dastardly doings of the prof – generally interfering in everyone else’s job. The other boss is a very lovely fella but he really needs to stand up to the prof.

I won some tickets (don’t know if won is the right word, ok, snaffled some tix) from work to “A day on the baseline” at the Hisense arena to see Gabriella Cilmi and The Cat Empire. They were giving them away. In the public service we very rarely get perks like this; I was a bit annoyed at the tennis to see that all the front rows had gone to corporate clients to give to their employees. Us schleps in the  public service saving lives and keeping order etc are relegated to the back of the Rod Laver! But I got me some free tix which I think were given to my hospital by a charity organisation.

No exercise today – too hot. Had a pizza for dinner, a small gluten free base, with vegies only, no mozzarella, only dabs of goat’s cheese. Must be good! Might get up early tomorrow, or might not……

Think I need a shower….all sticky from the heat.

It is mine and my resident’s last day at broady tomorrow, the nurses are having a going away morning tea tomorrow for us. How lovely. I have bought them a big jar of decent coffee (nescafe espresso) and tea bags (tetley all rounder) to have instead of the international roast caterers blend  they are forced to consume.

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  1. Soooo massively jealous about Cat Empire and Gabriella Cilmi! That would be great fun. We get sneaky perks all the time (like free movies, public transport etc) but never get good stuff like that!

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