Too bloody hot #1- Sassy de-briefs.


It is like a freaken sauna outside.

A bit of a busy day today. It is nearly the end of the “doctoring” year so we change jobs next monday. 

One of my bosses, the Prof, was an absolute double shit today. She demanded I come out of a case conference (case conferences are sacred in my workplace, kind of like hair is to Sampson) to come to a meeting at 12:30. She got the ward clerk to pull me out of the meeting. When I said I would ring her back, she rang again and demanded that I come from the meeting. 

I answered the phone and she sounded more pleading than angry. I told her that I was not able to come to the meeting at 12:30 but capitulated and said I could come at 4:30. when I got there she barely let me talk and cut me off at the knees when I tried to say anything. Why the hell did she make me drive across town in the 40C heat??? She is a control freak.

Good riddance to bad rubbish, I say. No more messing with my head. She had occasions where she could be quite nice but she can GET STUFFED. I am not beholden to this woman for a reference or anything else career wise. I am glad that I had another boss who was normal and nice, he shouted us lunch today.

This morning I went for a run-walk, before the heat turned up. Was a bit tired the rest of the day.

Made a bewdiful chicken salad with macadamias and a spicey yoghurty dressing for dinner. Yumm.

New thing I love: Sheeps milk yoghurt. Very smooth tasting and creamy and doesn’t give me sinusitis like cows milk yoghurt does.

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