Back to work (reluctantly)


Mercifully, a fairly easy day.

After work: Pilates – great workout, wasn’t as hard as last week.

Think I will go for run before work rather than attend running group; will be 40degrees tomorrow. And I will be on call so this lowers the likelihood of me getting there.

I have just joined calorie king. I probably eat too much fat and not enough protein, though my kilojoule intake was good. It is a great thing and best of all, free!

Dinara Safina and Jelena playing now…..they are 1 set each and 4 games each in the third….can’t bear to watch, too exciting!!!! Hope she wins!!

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  1. Like Andrew, I also didn’t have any suceess when I had to actually write down everything that I ate. In fact I ended up eating stuff that I wouldn’t normally eat, only because it was lower in calories (but probably higher in sugar and fat!!).

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