Sassy’s big day out.


A great day at the tennis yesterday.

We got ground passes for the day and stuck our bums on seats in Margaret Court arena. First match was mixed doubles between Samia Mirza and another Indian vs a Russian and an Aussie. Second match was men’s doubles involving Mardy Fish. Third match: Sam Stosur/Renae Stubbs vs the Mighty Williams Sisters. 

The first set, the aussies put up a great fight but it was all over to V and S in two sets. Those Williams girls are like lady warriors, they whack the ball hard, they grunt loudly on hitting the ball, Serena brandishes her racquet like a weapon. I would be frightened of them. Venus looks quite tall and lanky and Serena is shorter and quite stocky. They look quite different to on telly.

Then, after this big dose of UV radiation, Kath and I wandered into the city. We went and looked at stuff then went to MoVida for dinner. One word – Yum. The churros, though, were disappointing; better churros can be had at Chocolateria san churro where they serve actual chocolate, not drinking choc, with the donuts.

Back to Rod Laver for the Jelena/Kleybanova match. Awesome game, Jelena did some brilliant shots but marred by a few too many unforced errors. She took the 1st set, went down in the second then to tiebreak in the third, so a very exciting and tense game. Kath and I were seated in the nosebleed section, seeing many empty seats in the front we thought we might sneak down. An elderly couple discovered our game and we were ejected back to the nosebleed section. Nice try though. The crowd atmosphere was phenomenal and we went apeshit when Jelena won.

Saw Novak and Marcos tough it out after but only stayed for the first two sets. Got home after a large taxi wait at about 0130 hours. 

Plan for next year – get better seats!

Today – hopefully a long run!


Addit 1830hrs: Run. 

Went for a run westward down the CCT into royal park, was again thwarted by track constructions and ended up running back another way through royal park past the zoo. Boy, it was a hilly workout and I ended up run-walking. No long run for the week but I still think I have done well by mixing it up.

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  1. Glad you loved Movida too! I am dedicating this year to churros (lucky I am going to Spain soon!) after I only had ONE at Movida. I love the power of the Williams sisters.

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