Sassy is excited.


She is going to the tennis tomorrow with her friend Kath.

We have ground passes for the day. Serena and Venus will be playing doubles with Sam Stosur and another Aussie. In the evening, we head off to Rod Laver to see Jelena Dokic and the Russian lass play, followed by Marcos Baghdatis and Novak Djokavic. Very exciting!!!

Today I went out with the intention of running 90 minutes on the CCT, eastbound from Princes Park. I got off-track around Rushall station (where does it go, dammit) and wound up going down freakin’ Hoddle street. Dang. Brunny to Collingwood – not a bad run, abt 5.5 km but I walked into Carlton and bought some stuff for our picnic.

Went for a picnic in Trentham with Hubby and the brother and mother in law. Was good, only ate a few choccies. Won’t be needing much for dinner. Managed to get our hands on some good coffee afterwards and bought a present for the baby shower, Sophie Le Girafe, a little toy shaped like a giraffe which apparently offers multi-sensory stimulation, essentially, a chew toy for bubs. Apparently every bubba in France has one. She probably won’t get another one of those.

Off to the tennis tomorrow so no exercise planned, will try and do the CCT west bound from prinny, fewer roads to cross I think. They just disturb my rhythm.

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  1. Yeah, got lost at that exact same place myself a couple of weeks ago. I ended up on Hoddle, turned left at Clifton Hill station and made my way down to the very not flat section of Merri Creek Trail.

    Have a great day at the tennis, give Jelena a cheer for me, that chick has had some tough times, good to see her back.

  2. I cycled the CCT a while back and got lost several times! Shout out something encouraging for Jelena for me too- like “It’s okay, we know it was your dad’s fault”!

  3. Seems to be a common mishap!! I did exactly what Em did a few months back and to top it off, I was heckled by some chappies in a ute 😯

    How exciting going to the tennis and seeing Jelena play! She is going great guns at the moment…….. boo to that pesky father of hers.

  4. I ran the whole CCT, but was with a group, most of whom seemed to know where they were going. I, on the other hand, had absolutely no idea.

    Luckily I have one of those memories that remembers things so at least I’ll remember the trail now if I decide to do it again 😀

    Enjoy the tennis. Looks like it’s a good game too!

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