The crankypants are off now.


I had a decidedly shithouse day at work today. I was in a foul mood by 11am and people only shat me more. By 1pm I was on the phone telling my hubby (home with his cracked rib) that I wanted to come home. I sucked it in and stayed. The day went very slowly. Then somebody at the other hospital asked me to do something and it made me more angry. I said no. The power of no.

The good thing was that I didn’t inhale a heap of choccies because of the stress. Onward and upward 🙂

Then I went to pilates for the first time in a couple of months, jeez, the transversus abdominus has atrophied! My hammies are tight. But I breathed out the crankiness and I am feeling much better now. Hurricane Katrina spared us some whup-ass tonight and let us have a good stretch at the end.

The other thing that helped stop my angry-patch was booking tickets for the tennis, on sunday, ground pass during the day, Rod Laver at night. We are in the nosebleed section but who cares, I’m going to go to the tennis with my friend Kath! I have always wanted to go!

A lazy night in front of the telly is planned…..

BTW I will go to the baby shower but only for an hour, unless I am particularly enjoying it. There is only so much one can coo over miniature clothing, as much as I like babies.

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