Sassy, the piker.


I have given run training a miss today as 

A. it is still 36 degrees outside

B. I am bloated, probably from eating immoderately at Hellenic Republic. I cannot go near naked flame (ok, TMI there)

C. I am still recovering from yesterday’s long run.

D. Mr. Sassy has cracked a rib and he needs sympathy.

I will give it 100% on Weds.

Also, I have a dilemma. You may remember that I had an old school friend that I recently caught up with. We were best friends in high school but had a major falling out when I was at uni. We have gotten back in contact recently, and she is preggers. She has invited me to her baby shower. My inclination is not to go, for several reasons:

A. I don’t feel like I have much at all in common with her.

B. I will have even less in common with her other friends. I have met a few of them previously.

C. The baby shower is on my birthday! (30th, on the 1st of March)

D. I am thinking of doing a fun run on that day to crack my 8km PB (but could do both).

E. It is in Werribee, I grew up there so I have nothing in particular against it but it is a frickin long way away.

But the reasons pushing me to go are

A. I would feel like an arsehole if I didn’t. It is an innocent fetus!

B. I may not have a lot to talk about with her, but she is a nice girl.

C. Mr. Sassy says I should have the practice for when I have kids

D. My mum, who has also been invited, wants me to go.

I could compromise by going and explaining that I can only stay an hour???

Anyone have any thoughts??

Work today, had a meeting. I was very bloated and uncomfortable but it is very bad manners to break wind in a meeting. I just sat there with my face screwed up most of the time, hope people forgave me for it. I am just a bogan in doctors clothing. 🙂

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  1. Until I read the bit about your mum going and wanting to go, I was a definite, “Don’t go, but give her a little present some other time”, but taking into account your mum, I’d say “Go, but only if you can fit in the fun run and whatever else you want to do for your birthday too”.

  2. I agree with Andrew.

    Maybe just stay for an hour, but maybe let your friend know before you arrive that you have another place to be so that she’s not too disappointed when you only show for a little while.

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