12ish km in 1:20:38.


This morning, I went for a “little” run with Shelley from the forum and we ran more at Shelley’s pace than mine, which is good for me.

It was a lovely morning for it, but unfortunately I got a call on the “batphone” (the on-call mobile). I called them back after. 

I now feel more like a runner than a jogger and we actually passed one person who was running, usually it is me who is passed!

Now I just feel like a snooze. I have managed to defer some things so I (hopefully) don’t have to go into work at this stage.

Last night, we went for pho, it is wonderful stuff. I would like to plug Hung Vuong Saigon, very authentic vietnamese and cheap as dirt. Very generous serves with lots of tender beef, probably better than anything I tasted in Vietnam.

Tonight, off to the Restaurant Hellenic Republic which is owned by the same fella as who runs Press Club. Should be good. I have a hankering for Moussaka.

Mr. Sassy is off protesting against Israel’s pounding of Gaza – possibly a bit late as Israel have reportedly called a truce. He is riding his bike to the city. I worry about him doing that – some drivers are arseholes, case in point driving up Lygon street. 2 lots of hoons, one in a fully-sick falcon and one lot in a Toyota Starlet (!?). Seriously, nobody can look tough in a Starlet.

Addit 1700: Have just been called in to work, a patient needs a drip put in. 5 minutes work. Dang! But I keep chanting “3 hours minimum callout”. More moolah.

Addit 2200: went to Hellenic Republic in East Brunny. Very loud. Very busy. Very Authentic. I almost expected a fat little greek lady to come out saying “you too skeeeny, eat!!”. Very heavy on the meat. Gorgeous Moussaka. Mr. Sassy liked it, he likes everything that is meat heavy. I am feeling very, very full, and am glad I wore something loose. I think I will go back. Not recommended for vegetarians!!

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  1. hey sassy! we did well this morning, we are kicking @ss one weekend at a time 😀 good run, good work…and ok, tights next time!

  2. I must get over that side of town and try out some of the restaurants. They all sound fantastic.

    My Hubby works at the impound yard for hoon cars so they he probably saw them over the weekend 😀

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